Buying Your Home

Homeownership is a key foundation of the American Dream and we take our calling to help folks become homeowners very seriously. Here at TSG we have worked hard with local lenders to craft special programs to help almost anyone become a homeowner so when you are ready trust us to get you home. Buying a home should be an exciting, fun and joyful experience and we love working with buyers to find them their perfect next home.

Below are the nuts and bolts of buying a home but don't worry about any of it we will walk you through the entire process and be right there at your side as you find your new home sweet home. All you need to do is contact us on this site, give us a call at 843 900 4692 or email us that phone and email go right to us the owners of TSG and we will be glad to help. 

The buying process:

1) Prequalification – the first step is getting prequalified with a lender so we know how much home you can afford. We have worked hard to create special financing programs with local lenders to help almost anyone buy a home so tell us your situation and we will match you with the right lender.

2) Needs and Wants List – once we know how much home you can buy we will sit down and go over a needs and wants list so we can begin pulling properties that may be right for you. Don’t worry if your needs and wants list gets edited a few times, this is very normal. A good needs and wants list is simple and easy to edit. We will spend some time working with you on this list because it is the foundation we build your home search on.

3) Email listing alerts – once we have defined your search we begin emailing you homes for sale to consider. When you find one you want to see one click or call lets us know and we will get you in there.

4) Previewing – we will regularly preview homes that appear to meet your criteria and report to you our findings and thoughts.

5) Showings – we pride ourselves on finding the best properties for you and will give you our honest opinions on the homes we see together.

6) Feedback – after showing we will take in your impressions and discuss the pros and cons of the homes we have seen.

7) Re-access Search Parameters – once we have seen a few homes we will review what we have seen, review your needs and wants list and if necessary modify our search parameters to make sure we are looking for exactly what you want.

8) Find your Ideal Next Home – Once we find your ideal home we:

Do price research to make sure our offer is inline with the market
Contact the listing agent to introduce our offer and collect any information we can
Structure the offer – based on information gathered we structure our offer for the greatest chance of acceptance
Contact listing agent again to sell and submit our offer
Work with the listing agent to work out any details
Counter offers if necessary
Reach agreement and execute the deal contract!
Bring it to a Close - We will work diligently to make sure your deal closes on time and as agreed. Throughout the entire process we will be there to answer any questions, deal with any issues and make sure your transactions is as smooth and rewarding as possible.